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viva la revolution!

by Student Life Coach -Mike on October 13th, 2011

From God’s Word:

12 Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.

1 Timothy 4:12 (msg

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Comment Please:

  1. How are revolutionaries and rebelutionaries different?
  2.  How are they similar?
  3. Your Thoughts please, One paragraph.


Wisdom from Oswald Chambers

There is nothing, naturally speaking, that makes us lose heart quicker than decay—the decay of bodily beauty, of natural life, of friendship, of associations, all these things make a man lose heart; but Paul says when we are trusting in Jesus Christ these things do not find us discouraged, light comes through them.  The Place of Help, 1032 L

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  1. ethan permalink

    How are revolutianaries and rebelutianairs different. How are they the simmilar. Revoutianaries want to make a big change and make somthing to their or their groups likeness. Rebolutionairies want to make a revolt against something in particular rebeling itself.

  2. Cody permalink

    1.How are revolutionaries and rebelutionaries different?
    Revolutionaries try to find a way to change the world with the help of scientist. Rebolutionaries try to change the world in Gods way not our way.

    2. How are they similar?
    they both want to change the way we live our lives.

    3.Your Thoughts please.
    I think that we need to change the way we live yes but for the right purpose. For Gods purpose. We also need to follow His word and dont allways listen to science for the answer.

  3. jay permalink

    revolutionaries want change big change they want something to change that will help them in a way. rebelutionaries want to revolt something so that it will help them. they are similer because they both want change that helps them.

  4. Aubree permalink

    How are revolutionaries and rebelutionaries different?
    Revolutionaries are people that rebel for political changes.
    Rebelutionaries are a teenagers rebelling against the low expectations of an ungodly culture

    How are they similar?
    They are both rebelling to strive something. They are both trying to get out there and prove their point. Rebelutionaries are trying to prove to the world that the low expectations they have for teenagers are wrong. Revolutionaries are trying to get their political view or point across. In both, they are trying to get the message across.

  5. Heather permalink

    1- they are different in a rebelution is where you are rebeling against something and a revolution is where you are over throwing the government or atleast an attempt to.
    2- Your trying to overcome something in both of these.
    3- I think that the world needs to overcome this rebelution stuff. Teenagers and children shouldn’t be aloud to be ignorant and get away with things because its “normal”. it might be normal but it shouldn’t be aloud.

  6. luke.lusher permalink

    i think this is a great article! it is true that we need to learn from previous generations mistakes and not think its ok to do the same they did.

  7. Emily permalink

    1.How are revolutionaries and rebelutionaries different?
    ~A revolutionary is a person who either actively participates in, or advocates revolution. Also, when used as an adjective, the term revolutionary refers to something that has a major, sudden impact on society or on some aspect of human endeavor.

    ~The Rebelution represents a radical overthrow of basically every assumption our culture has about teenagers or “a teenage rebellion against low expectations.”

    2. How are they similar?
    ~Both try to change something that you don’t like, something that you might think is wrong and they both can have a great impact.

    3.Your Thoughts please, One paragraph.
    ~I really like what Alex and Brett are doing. So many people have their ideas firmly formed about the “average” teenager and don’t want to change their ideas to see the truth. Some teenagers stick to the “status quo” when they could be so much more. I, for one, don’t want to stick to what the “average teenager” is or to the “status quo.” I want to be an individual, a different person and Alex and Brett are promoting that and I strongly believe in them.

  8. Jared permalink

    1.How are revolutionaries and rebelutionaries different? Rebelutions are when teens use excuses (i.e Saying that the bible commands them to flee) to get away from really doing what the Bible wants them to do. Revolutions are when you try to get more people to become Christians and to read the Bible.

    2. How are they similar? They both are similar because both of them all relate to the Bible.

    3.Your Thoughts please, One paragraph. Many people in todays modern world would prefer to be rebelutionary type people. However, I think that Jesus does not want us to be like them and be revolutionary type people. I also think that, even though not everyone Revolutionary, I think that Jesus would still try to get as many people as possible to be Revolutionary type people.

  9. Sam permalink

    How are revolutionaries and rebelutionaries different?
    ~Rebelutionaries are rebelling against rebelling, being a teenager, and the mindset of our generation.

    How are they similar?
    ~Standing for something they believe in.

    Your Thoughts please, One paragraph.
    ~As young adults we have a wonderful opportunity to learn from older and wiser people in our lives, to learn what we should be doing and what we shouldn’t be doing. Sadly, no one seems to use it. Everybody has their own right to be stupid but they could learn so much better by listening to others instead of learning the hard way on their own.

  10. Tyler permalink

    1.How are revolutionaries and rebelutionaries different?- the rebelutionaries in my mind are the followers in Christ and revolutionaries are people who just kinda walk away from Christ and just ignore it.

    2.How are they similar?- Well they both lead people to different things and make people believe different things like one follows CHrist and the other just kinda pushes it away.

    3. Well my thoughts are that it’s okay for some people not to follow Christ and thats their loss and not mine and people can make their own choices in life i mean no one person can tell them what they have to do in life. Honestly some times the devotions are kinda easy and some of them are pretty hard but i had to really think on this one.

  11. Taylor permalink

    1. How are revolutionaries and rebelutionaries different?
    Revolutionaries- Someone involving or causing a dramatic change.
    Rebelutionaries- Someone acting against the mindset of young people.

    2. How are they similar?
    They’re both similar because they’re both making a change.

    3. Your Thoughts please, One paragraph.
    I agree with the devotion today because we do need to “wage war against the mindset” that people have of teenagers overall. We can stop the expectations our culture holds for us.

  12. Leslie permalink

    I didn’t see the whole revolutionaries and rebelutionaries thing being as important as us fighting the stereotypes of teenagers. We are very much capable of acting like adults, if we would just grow up people would listen to a mature young person talk about God before a young person that fit the stereotypes.

  13. Asa permalink

    How are revolutionaries and rebelutionaries different? revolutionaries are more of a older age that Of course, this new way of looking at the teen years didn’t create teenage rebellion, but it normalized it. Suddenly young people had an excuse for indulging in the foolishness the Bible commanded them to flee. And what’s more, they were backed by “science.” Rebellion was now an expected thing.

    How are they similar? both have views on Christians and willing to tell you them.

    Your Thoughts please, One paragraph. I think its gonna be a great challenge i love how Alex and Bret came up with this idea of Rebellion vs. Rebelution i think that all of it is true though.

  14. Keaton permalink

    1.How are revolutionaries and rebelutionaries different?-the revolutionaries are people that follow Christ and rebelutionaries are peole that go away from Christ.

    2. How are they similar? they both believe in something even if its different they both lead people to something.

    3.Your Thoughts please, One paragraph.i mean i follow Christ and if revolutionaries follow Christ them i geuss im that but i dont really now for sure what it means so i cant say for sure that im a revolutionaries.

  15. 1. How are revolutionaries and rebelutionaries different? they have different belief about teenage rebellion.

    2. How are they similar? they are both focused on teenage rebellion and behavior.

    3. Your Thoughts please, One paragraph. i think that teenage rebellion is just a way older people look at our teenage emotions and how we are stressed about whats going to happen later on in life.

  16. Jon permalink

    Rebelutionaries and revolutionaries are similar in the way that they are both going against the flow of ordinary, however revolutionaries are those fighting society simply to fight society, vs. rebelutionaries who are fighting society by being different in hopes that it will change the world.

  17. Susie permalink

    How are revolutionaries and rebelutionaries different? Rebelutionaries are are different because their against rebelling and doing things that teenagers would do.

    How are they similar? For standing up for what the they believe in.

    When people decide that it’s best to go the easy way, it’s not really. Because your just making it hard on yourself when you stupid things like thinking that taking the easy road would be better. But when you take the easy way, it’s so easy that you can’t learn anything. And you don’ see the mistakes that you make. If you take the hard way then others and yourself can see the mistakes you make and even if you don’t then anyone else who did can show you and you can see what your mistake was.

  18. jonathan permalink

    the revolution began in the 1900s the20th centery .

  19. Phillip permalink

    I agree with the author, about the teanage rebellion

  20. Peyton permalink

    1.How are revolutionaries and rebelutionaries different?revs disobey elders but rebs do not.

    2.How are they similar?they both have goals for something

    3,Your Thoughts please, One paragraph. revolutionaries seem to have their point of views available to anyone who says they’re parents treat them unfairly.rebelutionaries are just a group that seems to have a point of view that,to me,is very uninteresting.

  21. Kaylea permalink

    1. The Rebelution Is an attempt to overcome Government and revolutionaries is trying to overcome expectations

    2.They Are Both Trying To Overcome Something

    3. I Think It Is Good To Overcome Bad Things Like Hard Situations And Bad Things That Happened In The Past But I Also Think That You Shouldn’t Just Forget It After You Overcome It That You Should Learn From Your Mistakes Or Forgive The Person That Hurt You.

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